Tanium on AWS

Close IT gaps across your endpoint management and security operations with one platform, one agent, and zero infrastructure.

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Regain Control Over Your Cloud

Take on today’s toughest IT demands with Tanium on AWS.

Cloud Endpoint Discovery

Quickly inventory your cloud endpoints, and proactively gain management control over your unmanaged instances.

Threat Detection & Remediation

Hunt, detect, investigate, contain and remediate threats and vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure.

Monitoring & Operations

Distribute, manage and report on operating system patches and software updates reliably and quickly.

Compliance & Data Privacy

Improve the effectiveness of your file-integrity monitoring and simplify compliance with cloud endpoint regulations.

H2 Title

Eddie Nieves
Director of Information Technology, Zemax LLC

“Our company is moving towards a cloud-first approach, so we require a holistic view of our endpoint footprint from both operational and security perspectives. Tanium as a Service is the only solution that allows us to gain rapid control of our endpoints with the unprecedented visibility and quick deployments built into AWS. Tanium lets us replace inadequate point solutions across our operations and security stack. With Tanium, we’ve improved process efficiencies, enhanced visibility and control, and strengthened our security at scale.”

Amazon Security Lake

Tanium endpoint data is available in Amazon Security Lake to drive more complete and effective incident investigations.

  • Consolidate Visibility
    Combine Tanium’s endpoint data with other data sources in your data lake to drive effective incident investigations.
  • Reduce Risk
    Centralize your security data from Tanium, Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, SaaS providers, on-premises, and cloud sources into a purpose-built data lake that is stored in your AWS account.
  • Unify Siloed Tools
    Gain a holistic view of your security risks by using Tanium logs with your other security logs.

Ready to gain a single, unified view of your environment to rapidly detect, investigate, and resolve security incidents? Read the solution brief to find out how.

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